About Us

Eggbert Eggs (Pty) Ltd, fully owned by the Kuipers Group, is a producer, packer and distributor of commercial and free range eggs

The brand originated in KZN more than 35 years ago as the brand of the then Natal Egg Co-Operative.

Today the Company consists of:

  • Two egg packing stations from where eggs are packed and distributed, located in:

Boksburg, with distribution throughout Gauteng

Ncome, Northern KZN with distribution throughout Northern KZN

  • Arendsnes, our Free Range farm in Boksburg.
  • Ncome Eggs (Pty) Ltd fully owned by Eggbert Eggs, a commercial laying farm located in KZN.

Our Vision & Mission

To be a low cost supplier of quality products with exceptional service and relationships through competent and dedicated staff.


Our Values

At Eggbert Eggs we believe in:

  • Open honest transactions
  • Service excellence towards our external and internal customers
  • Producing superior quality products under optimal production conditions
  • Friendly constructive business relationships
  • Equality amongst all people and fairness to staff
  • Encouraging constructive debate
  • A positive attitude towards our work and major stakeholders
  • Encouraging creative thinking and respect for different opinions
  • Stewardship over shareholders’ interests and company assets