Eggbert Eggs (Pty) Ltd, fully owned by the Kuipers Group, is a producer, packer and distributor of commercial and free range eggs.

The brand originated in KZN more than 35 years ago as the brand of the then Natal Egg Co-Operative.


We believe in open, honest dealings based on superior customer service. We deliver to meet our mutual needs.


Eggbert now guarantees its products to be free of antibiotics and hormones. When you buy Eggbert eggs you can be rest assured that that the product is safe and healthy.


All Eggbert's packstations recently received its FSA accreditation.


Free Range eggs are produced by hens which are not aged and have daily access to an outdoor range area accessible through openings in the side of the barn.

At Eggbert Eggs our free range eggs are produced on production units that fully comply with the Code Of Practise as put forward by The South African Poultry Association.

Try our delicious recipes!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Semi Sweet Chocolate Mousse

Breakfast Egg Muffin

Tomato Olive Quiche

Fried Egg Sandwhich

An egg a day keeps the doctor away

A recent study under 400 000 Chinese people founded that an egg a day reduces your chance of dying from a heart disease with up to 18%. This is in contrast with previous studies which have argued that eggs contains an excessive amount of cholesterol.